Using the Oracle CX Sales app in a program or campaign

Important: Oracle CX Sales was formerly known as Oracle Sales Cloud. All instances of Oracle Sales Cloud have been changed to Oracle CX Sales across the app user interface.

The Oracle CX Sales Integration app enables you to update or create contact records within a program or campaign.

Example: A listener step could be configured to listen for contacts who complete a form. Once the contact is added to the program canvas, you may want to decide to create a lead for the contact, depending on the next decision, you can configure this app to either create a contact or update an existing contact within the CRM.
An image of a sample campaign using the Oracle Sales Cloud Integration App.

To use the Oracle CX Sales Integration app in a campaign or program:

  1. Open an existing campaign or program, or create a new one.
  2. Click on the Actions section to expand it, and view all available action elements, including installed apps.
  3. Drag the Oracle CX Sales Integration element onto the canvas, then double-click it to open the configure screen.

    An image of a configuration screen for the Oracle CX Sales Integration element.

    The window that opens enables you to do the following:

    • Change the name of the step to something more meaningful.
    • Configure the element.
    • Choose to route contacts that resulted in an error to another step (see: configuring campaign elements for more information).
  4. Click the Edit icon to configure the cloud action.

    An image of the Cloud Action Configuration window.

    1. Click the Actions list and select an existing action. If you do not see any existing actions, see configuring actions for more details.
    2. Click Save.
    3. (Optional) Click Status to see the status of contact processing. The amount of contacts that have been successfully processed, or were processed with warnings or errors will be displayed.

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