Getting started with the Oracle CX Sales app

Important: Oracle CX Sales was formerly known as Oracle Sales Cloud. All instances of Oracle Sales Cloud have been changed to Oracle CX Sales across the app user interface.

The steps below outline the recommended setup and configuration process for the Oracle CX Sales Integration app.

  1. Prior to installing the app, create contact and account fields which will be used to map Eloqua fields to Oracle CX Sales fields when configuring and using the app. These fields will be used in the Connections area to specify which Eloqua fields are to be used for matching with Oracle CX Sales fields.
  2. Install the Oracle CX Sales Integration app. Once the app is installed, configuration settings for connections, actions, imports, and notifications can be found in the apps list. Go to Settings An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog. > Apps and click Configure An image of the Settings menu icon, which is represented by a black cog. to access the configuration settings.
  3. In Eloqua, click the cloud menu An image of the Cloud Menu icon, which is represented by a gray cloud. icon on the right hand side to expand the Apps list and select Oracle CX Sales Integration. The App Configuration for Oracle CX Sales Integration page is displayed.
  4. Configure your CRM connections. Each CRM system can have multiple connections, including alternate credentials or sandbox configurations. Only one connection can be active per CRM system.
  5. If you have an existing native Oracle CX Sales integration, you can migrate its assets to the Oracle CX Sales Integration app.
  6. Create default assets for the connection to automatically create actions and imports. Alternatively, you can create actions and imports by manually configuring them as described in the following steps.
  7. Create actions (data transactions) between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle CX Sales.
    • Use step actions to create and update records to be used in a program or campaign.
    • Use campaign actions to send campaign updates from an Oracle Eloqua campaign object to a custom object in Oracle CX Sales. One campaign update action can be active at a time.
    • Use response actions to send data to Oracle CX Sales based on response rules configured in your Oracle Eloqua instance. When a response occurs, Oracle Eloqua records the response based on priority and the response is sent to Oracle CX Sales.

      Important: The response actions feature is currently released under our controlled availability program. To request access to this feature, please log in to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

  8. Create and schedule imports to import data from Oracle CX Sales to Oracle Eloqua periodically. The Oracle CX Sales Integration app executes imports every 15 minutes. If an import needs to be performed off schedule, it can be executed on demand.
    • Use standard imports to import contact record data from Oracle CX Sales into Oracle Eloqua. The following imports are recommended: get leads, get contacts, get accounts.
    • Use campaign imports to import custom object data from Oracle CX Sales into Oracle Eloqua campaigns to allow for bi-directional updates between the two applications.
  9. Setup email notifications to be alerted if there are problems with your imports or actions.
  10. Review your reports. The Oracle CX Sales Integration app provides reporting on the records being synced between Eloqua and Oracle CX Sales to provide insight into how your syncs are performing.
  11. Use the app in a campaign or program to update or create contact records. View recommended programs here.
  12. Add imports to a canvas to run up to ten post processing actions.

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