LinkedIn campaign manager app

LinkedIn Campaign Manager enables marketers to raise awareness with native ads, build relationships and drive better lead generation efforts through the world’s professional feed. Leveraging the Campaign Manager app for LinkedIn, marketers are able to retarget a specific set of Oracle Eloqua contacts with digital advertisements on LinkedIn.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

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The LinkedIn campaign manager app comes with the following two services, which are available on the campaign canvas after installing the app in your Oracle Eloqua instance:

Leverage the robust combination of Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences to capture and rapidly re-target buyers on LinkedIn.

An image of the campaign canvas with LinkedIn Matched Audiences action service and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms audience service.

Next steps

Installing the LinkedIn campaign manager app

Configuring the LinkedIn campaign manager app

Collecting LinkedIn Lead Gen forms data

Testing your audience service configuration

Using the LinkedIn matched audiences action service

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