CRM integration: external calls

The Outbound tab allows you modify outbound data that gets written into your CRM system. More specifically, you can Enable/Disable the Marketing Activity Events from writing into the CRM system. Additionally, you have the ability to modify which fields are being written to your CRM via the External calls.

When you first navigate into the Outbound tab, you will see that it's further broken down into two tabs:

  1. Internal Events
    • Internal Events determines which series of external calls to trigger and in which order. These are further broken down by Activity, Campaign, and Custom Events which include the Lead/Contact actions.
  2. External Calls
    • External Calls are the external CRM systems calls that Eloqua uses to perform an action such as Create Lead, Update Contact, and so on. These are further broken down into calls that retrieve data from the CRM and calls that send data to the CRM.

      An image of the All External Calls panel with a shortcut menu open.

Setting up external calls for CRM integration

There are several external calls that are used for standard CRM integration. These should be automatically configured if you ran the Integration wizard to integrate to CRM. If your Oracle Eloqua instance does not have these external calls, you can create them. These are the external calls you need:

  • Update Contact
  • Create Lead
  • Update Lead
  • Associate Contact with Campaign
  • Associate Lead with Campaign

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