Oracle CX Sales Integration app

Important: Oracle Sales was formerly known as Oracle Sales Cloud. All instances of Oracle Sales Cloud have been changed to Oracle Sales across the app user interface.

The Oracle CX Sales Integration app creates an integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle CX Sales to send data between the two platforms. Leverage the Oracle CX Sales Integration app in your marketing cloud solution to:

  • Transfer the leads generated from marketing campaigns in Oracle Eloqua into Oracle CX Sales so they are nurtured and synchronized as sales leads.
  • Use the app within a program or campaign canvas to create or update records in supported Oracle CX Sales objects in real time. Typical use cases include lead creation, lead updates, and contact updates.
  • Schedule imports from Oracle CX Sales to Oracle Eloqua for supported Oracle CX Sales objects.

There are various use cases where the app could be used for marketing qualification processes and lead generation.

Example: A listener step could be configured to listen for contacts who complete a form. Once the contact is added to the program canvas, you may want to decide to create a lead for the contact, depending on the next decision, you can configure this app to either create a new lead or update an existing lead within Oracle Eloqua.

An image of a sample campaign using the Oracle Sales Cloud Integration app.

You can manage user permissions on this app by following the instructions listed here.

Supported Oracle CX Sales objects

The integration supports bi-directional data flow for the objects listed below. This means data may be transferred both to and from Oracle Eloqua or Oracle CX Sales for these objects. The typical use of this app is to import data in these objects to Eloqua, and to create leads and update contacts in Oracle CX Sales. Currently, the Oracle CX Sales Integration app supports the following objects:

  • Activity
  • Campaign
  • Campaign member
  • Deal registration
  • Opportunity
  • Partner
  • Partner Contact
  • Products
  • CX Sales account SDO
  • CX Sales contact SDO
  • CX Sales household SDO
  • Sales lead
  • Top level custom objects

An image of the PDF icon. Download the Oracle CX Sales Integration App User Guide.

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