Adding text to emails in the Design Editor

Note: All emails and landing pages created in the Classic Design Editor are now legacy assets. They are now view-only and not editable. Users can create emails and landing pages with the Design Editor and Source Editor. Learn more in our product notice. Learn more about the differences between the different editors for emails and for landing pages.

Use the text content to add text to your email.

To add text to your email:

  1. With your email open, drag the text content to the layout.

    An image showing text being added to the email canvas

  2. Click the text content component and use the text toolbar and Text panel to change your email copy.


To add text, click the text content component and begin typing. You can use the text toolbar to change the formatting of the text.

Note: Not all fonts will render in a mobile client. The more common web-safe fonts are at the top of the font drop-down list.

Note: The Design Editor sets the line-height in pixels so that emails can render properly in Microsoft Outlook.

An image showing the text toolbar


To add a link, highlight the link text and use the text toolbar buttons.

An image of the text toolbar with the link icons highlighted

You can link to:

  • A landing page
  • A file in file storage
  • An external webpage
  • A system action like subscribing to an email group or opening the subscription management page
  • A new email message

Learn more about the link types.

You can format the link using the text toolbar or the default style settings for the email.

Pasting text

You can paste text into a text content component using one of the following options:

  • Paste as plain text to remove any rich text formatting from the copy source. Depending on your browser, you can use Ctrl + Shift + V to paste plain text.
  • Paste as rich text to include any formatting from the source. Depending on your browser, you can use Ctrl + V to paste text with formatting. You should review the content pasted to ensure the formatting is correct.


Adjust the color of the text or the text content component:

  • Set the background color of the text content component using the Text panel.
  • Set the text color using the text toolbar.

    An image of the text color buttons

  • Apply a highlight color to text using the text toolbar.

    An image of the text highlight buttons

Padding and borders

Adjust the padding and borders around the content component using the options available from the Button panel. Learn more about padding and borders.

Field merge

To add a field merge, use the text toolbar.

An image of the text toolbar with the field merge icon highlighted

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