Adding links to emails in the Design Editor

You can add a link to the following content components:

You can link to:

  • A landing page
  • A file in file storage
  • An external webpage
  • A system action like subscribing to an email group or opening the subscription management page
  • A new email message

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Tip: Getting an invalid URL error for a blind form submit link could mean that you're using the wrong URL syntax; the email editors now use tilde syntax. See Creating blind form submit links for more information.

Adding links to text content

To add a link to a text content component:

  1. Add the text content to your email.
  2. After adding the copy to the text content component, highlight the text that you want to make a link.
  3. Click An image of the link icon.

    The Hyperlink panel opens.

  4. Add the link details to the Hyperlink panel.

Adding links to images

To add a link to an image:

  1. Add the image content to your email and add the image.
  2. Click the image content component and add the link using the Hyperlink Properties in the Image panel.

Adding links to buttons

To add a link to a button:

  1. Add the button content to your email.
  2. Click the button content component and add the link using the Hyperlink Properties in the Button panel.

Warning: To avoid issues with buttons rendering in your emails, do not copy and paste text which contains hyperlinks into your buttons.

Link types

The following table describes the types of links you can add to an email.

Type Description

Landing Page

Link to an existing landing page in the application. The landing pages that you can link to are available from the hyperlink library. Learn more about the Component Library.

Links to landing pages are tracked by default.

File in File Storage

Link to a file that has been uploaded to the file storage, such as a PDF file. Learn more about  Component Library.

Links to files in file storage are tracked by default.


Link to an external web page. These types of links can include field merges.

Use the Add tracking for untracked external pages or the Redirect for untracked pages check box to enable tracking on an otherwise untracked website. See Tracking links to external websites for more information about external link tracking.

System Action

Link to subscription management or email viewing options. Often these links are included in the email header or footer, but can be included in the body of the email as well.

System action links are not tracked.

The following system actions are available:

  • Add to Email Group: Allows the recipient to subscribe to the email group for the current email.
  • Remove from Email Group: Allows the recipient to unsubscribe from the email group for the current email.
  • Send to Subscription List: Sends the recipient to the Subscription Management Page where they can manage all their email group subscriptions as well as globally opt-in or opt-out of emails from your organization.
  • Send to Subscription Page: Sends the recipient to a page that communicates their subscription status for the email group for the current email.
  • Subscribe to All: Allows the recipient to globally subscribe to all emails.
  • Unsubscribe from All: Allows the recipient to globally unsubscribe from all emails.
  • View online version: Allows the recipient to open the email in a web browser instead.

New Email Message

Creates a link that when clicked will open a new email message in the visitor's default email program. This is a also called a mailto link.

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