Enabling Campaign Approvals

Important: This feature is only available if it is enabled for your account.

If enabled for your account, you can require approvals for all new and modified email campaigns. After enabling campaign approvals, marketers request approval for their email campaign. Users with the Express Email Campaign Approver role can then review the campaign for approval.

Campaigns cannot be launched without being approved. Programs using an unapproved email campaign can be published, but the sending email campaign stage will be blocked until the email campaign is approved. Learn more about resolving blocked Send Campaign stages.

An Account Administrator can manage the setting for requiring campaign approvals.

To enable campaign approvals:

  1. From the side navigation bar, select Account . (If you do not see the side navigation bar, click the Menu button (aka Hamburger menu) icon.)
  2. Select Campaign management, and then select Campaign approval. (Not seeing this choice? Refer to the Account management changes topic.)
  3. Select Require approvals for all new and modified campaigns.
  4. Click Save.

After you enable this setting, any new campaign or changed campaign must be approved.

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