Oracle Content Management Integration

Important: Oracle Content and Experience Cloud or Oracle Content Management are now known as Oracle Content Management. This change in name may not immediately reflect everywhere in the Oracle Responsys user interface.

The integration with Oracle Content Management enables Responsys users to insert content assets from Oracle Content Management's Asset Repository into Responsys Email and Mobile campaigns. This allows Responsys users to leverage CX Content's extensive asset repository capabilities to store content, while using Responsys to design campaigns.

Important: This feature is only available if it is enabled for your account.

How it works

When designing your Email or Mobile Campaigns, this integration provides you the option to insert content assets from the Oracle Content Management into your campaigns.

Create two Publishing Channels in Oracle Content Management: a mobile channel and an email channel. When designing Email campaigns and Mobile campaigns, you will be presented with content assets for the appropriate campaign type. Responsys automatically filters content assets in Oracle Content Management according to the campaign you are designing.

Example: If you create a publishing channel in Oracle Content Management called "Corporate" and match it to your email channel in Responsys, the only Oracle Content Management assets you will see in the Email Message Designer will be from the "Corporate" channel.

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