Voiding Transactions for India

The India Localization SuiteTax Engine SuiteApp lets you void transactions that you want to delete. Voiding a transaction sets the total transaction amount and its line item amounts to zero but does not remove the transaction from NetSuite. When using the India Localization SuiteTax Engine SuiteApp, this is the preferred way of handling a transaction that you want to edit or delete.

Voiding a transaction ensures that the calculated tax remains accurate in the India accumulated tax bucket associated with the transaction. To void a transaction, you must first clear the Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals preference.

To unset the Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals preference:

  1. Go to Setup > Accounting > Preferences > Accounting Preferences.

  2. On the General subtab, in the General Ledger section, clear the Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals box.

  3. Click Save.

After clearing the Void Transactions Using Reversing Journals preference, the Void button is displayed on a transaction record.

The SuiteApp displays an alert message to void a transaction instead of editing it, in the following scenarios:

To void a transaction, open the transaction for editing, and then click Void. For more information about voiding a transaction, see Voiding, Deleting, or Closing Transactions.

The voided transaction do not appear on the Generate E-Way Bill page when you generate e-way bills. For more information about generating e-way bills, see Generating E-Way Bill.

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