NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Overview

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With NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, you can broaden the analyses of your NetSuite data beyond what is currently available in SuiteAnalytics Workbook. The Analytics Warehouse enables businesses to analyze historical data from multiple sources and determine how to improve their business. When enabled, you can begin transferring your data to the Analytics Warehouse. You can then blend your NetSuite data with data from other sources, and analyze it with a wide set of visualizations.

Enabling NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Before you begin transferring your data to the Analytics Warehouse, you must first enable the feature.

To enable NetSuite Analytics Warehouse in your account:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.

  2. Click the Analytics subtab.

  3. Check the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse box.

Your Analytics Warehouse account begins configuration. This process may take some time. When the configuration is complete, you must set up your Analytics Warehouse account by:

Data Warehouse Integrator Role

When you enable the Analytics Warehouse feature in your account, you are automatically assigned the Data Warehouse Integrator role. You can also assign the Data Warehouse Integrator role to any users.

When you assign the Data Warehouse Integrator role to a user, their name appears in the User Account for Data Transfer Credentials dropdown list on the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Configuration page.

The Data Warehouse Integrator role has view access to all standard and custom production data. The Data Warehouse Integrator role is for machine to machine integration meaning that you cannot sign in using this role.


The Data Warehouse Integrator role does not count against the Full Licensed Users count.

To assign the Data Warehouse Integrator Role to users

  1. Log in to NetSuite with an administrator role.

  2. Go to Lists > Employees > Employees.

  3. Click Edit next to the name of the employee you want to assign the Data Warehouse Integrator role to.

  4. Click the Access subtab.

  5. On the Roles subtab, select the Data Warehouse Integrator role from the list.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Click Save.

For more information, see Assigning Roles to an Employee.

Supported Functional Areas

Data from your NetSuite account is grouped into 10 functional areas in the Analytics Warehouse. To include a functional area in your data transfer to the Analytics Warehouse, see Setting Up the Data Transfer.

To learn about the record types and fields available in the data source, see Record Types and Fields.

The following functional areas are currently supported in NetSuite Analytics Warehouse:

  • Bank

  • Employee Expense

  • Financials

  • Inventory

  • Manufacturing

  • Payroll

  • Projects and Support Management

  • Purchases

  • Sales

  • Sales Snapshot

Subject Areas

The table below shows the link between the functional areas and the subject areas:

Functional Area

Subject Area



Credit Card Charge

Credit Card Refund


Sales Tax Payment

Tax Liability Cheque


Employee Expense

Expense Report

Expense Report Snapshot



Cross Charge Journal

Currency Revaluation

GL Impact Adjustment


Netting Settlement

Revenue Arrangement

Revenue Arrangement Snapshot

Revenue Commitment

Revenue Commitment Reversal


Bin Putaway worksheet

Bin Transfer

Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Cost Revaluation

Inventory Count

Inventory Item Location Quantity

Inventory Snapshot

Inventory Transfer

Inventory Worksheet

Ownership transfer

Transfer Order



Assembly Build

Assembly Unbuild

Work Order

Work Order Close

Work Order Completion

Work Order Issue

Work Order Snapshot



Paycheck Journal

Projects and Support Management


Support Case

Time Tracking


Work Breakdown Structure


Inbound Shipment

Inbound Shipment Snapshot

Item Receipt

Purchase Contract

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Snapshot

Purchase Requisition

Vendor Bill

Vendor Bill Credit

Vendor Bill Payment

Vendor Bill Snapshot

Vendor Prepayment

Vendor Prepayment Application

Vendor Return Authorization

Vendor Return Authorization Snapshot


Cash Refund

Cash Sales



Credit Memo

Customer Deposit

Customer Invoice

Customer Invoce Snapshot

Customer Payment

Customer Payment Authorization

Customer Refund

Deposit Application


Fulfillment Request

Item Fulfillment


Return Authorization

Return Authorization Snapshot

Sales Order

Sales Order Snapshot

Statement Charge

Store Pickup Fulfillment



Sales Snapshot

Commissions Snapshot

Customer Payment Snapshot

Item Fulfillment Snapshot

Opportunity Snapshot

Prebuilt Content

The table below shows all the prebuilt KPI's, decks, cards, and analyses that are shipped as the standard offering along with the product. For more information, see Reference for Oracle NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.

Functional Area

Pre-Built Content




Gross Margin

DSO/DPO Analysis

Receivable Detailed Analysis

Payable Detailed Analysis

COGS Detailed Analysis

Cash Forecast Detailed Analysis


Inventory Analysis

Inventory Detailed Analysis

Inventory Turnover Detailed Analysis

Back Order Detailed Analysis

Inventory Count Detailed Analysis

Inventory Transfer Detailed Analysis

Item Cost Detailed Analysis


Purchasing Analysis

Purchase Order Detailed Analysis

Procurement Detailed Analysis

Requisition Detailed Analysis

Vendor Delivery Detailed Analysis

Vendor Payment Detail

Vendor Payment Detailed Analysis

Vendor Return Detailed Analysis

Vendor Spend Detailed Analysis


Payment Detailed Analysis

Invoice Detailed Analysis

Customer Sales Detailed Analysis

Item Sales Detailed Analysis

Net Sales Order Detailed Analysis

Overdue Invoiced Detailed Analysis

Sales Order Detailed Analysis

Shipment Detailed Analysis

Forecast Accuracy Detailed Analysis

Item Fulfillment Detailed Analysis

Opportunity Win/Loss Detailed Analysis

Pipeline Detailed Analysis

Payment Details

Sales Order Details

Overdue Invoice Details

Invoice Details

Gross Margin

Sales Order Analysis

Return Details

Order Management

Fulfillment Details

Customer Return Detailed Analysis

Customer Payment Analysis

Customer Invoice Analysis

Customer Growth

Industry Metrics


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