SuiteAnalytics Workbook FAQs

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How can I use condition-based filters in currency fields?

Condition-based filters are available for percentage, integer and float fields that do not return currency values. If you want to apply this option to currency fields, customize your field using a TO_NUMBER formula function and changing the output type of the field.

For more information about how to customize a currency field, see Sample Formulas.

How can I use relative dates in Workbook formulas?

The SuiteAnalytics Workbook Formula Builder enables you to create custom formula fields using relative dates.

For more information about Workbook formulas and examples of formula definitions with relative dates, see Calculating Amounts for Relative Date Ranges and Sample Formulas.

How do I remove a dataset from a workbook after it’s been connected?

You currently cannot manually disconnect a dataset after you connect it to a workbook. After you save and close a workbook however, any datasets not used in a visualization are automatically removed.

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