SuiteAnalytics Workbook Tutorial

Use this tutorial to walk through the authoring process for SuiteAnalytics Workbook.

In this tutorial, you create a sample workbook with visualizations based on two different datasets. One dataset is based on the sales (ordered) record type, and the other is based on the item record type. By combining these datasets in a workbook, you should be able to quickly verify that you have enough inventory to fulfill all of the orders in your account.

The following table describes the steps to create the datasets, then the associated workbook visualizations. Each step builds on the previous step, so you must complete them in order:



Step One: Select a Root Record Type

Create your first dataset by choosing a root record type.

Step Two: Add Fields and Join Record Types

Choose the fields and record types that you want to include in your dataset.

Step Three: Filter Your Dataset

Apply criteria filters to refine your dataset query results.

Step Four: Create a Workbook Based on Your Dataset

Continue your analysis by creating a workbook based on your dataset.

Step Five: Pivot Your Dataset Query Results

Create a pivot table using your dataset query results.

Step Six: Connect a Second Dataset to Your Workbook

Create and join an additional dataset to your workbook.

Step Seven: Set up a Table View

Create a table view using the query results from your second dataset.


This tutorial assumes that you have the appropriate permissions and features enabled in your account to view sales order and item data. If you are not sure about which permissions you need to view sales order records or fields, download the following worksheet: NetSuitePermissionsUsage.xls. If you do not have a specific permission enabled, contact your NetSuite administrator.

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