Create a Workbook Based on Your Dataset

If you have not already done so, complete Step Three: Filter Your Dataset.

The following steps show you how to create a workbook based on your completed dataset.


If you want to create additional workbooks based on the dataset you saved in Step Three, go to the Analytics Home page and click New Workbook on the Workbooks subtab. Then, select the dataset you saved to open a new workbook.

If you want to edit the dataset from within your workbook, click the dataset name in the Dataset Panel in any workbook visualization.

To create a workbook based on your dataset:

  1. On the Dataset Builder, click Create New Workbook.

  2. A workbook will open.

    By default, the workbook is named after the root record type on the dataset.

  3. Select a workbook visualization you want to create: either a Table View, Pivot table, or Chart.

    For the purposes of this procedure, select Pivot.

Continue to Step Five: Pivot Your Dataset Query Results.

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