Know When to Use SuiteFlow and SuiteScript

SuiteScript and SuiteFlow are powerful tools that have overlapping features and capabilities.

SuiteFlow is designed for automating business processes and does not require any prior programming knowledge. The best practice with SuiteFlow is to know what you want to achieve with your workflow prior to developing it. Modifying it on the go can be difficult if multiple states and actions are involved. For more information, see SuiteFlow Overview and SuiteFlow Best Practices.

SuiteScript is a JavaScript-based API used to extend the capabilities of NetSuite. You need to have programming knowledge to use SuiteScript. With SuiteScript you can create a custom user interface, programmatically run saved searches, create custom dashboard portlets, run batch processes, and more. For more information, see What You Can Do with the SuiteScript API and SuiteScript Best Practices.

The following actions can be done in both SuiteFlow and SuiteScript:

In general, anything that can be done in SuiteFlow can also be done in SuiteScript. When deciding between the two, consider the technical knowledge you have. If your company does not have any JavaScript developers, use SuiteFlow.

SuiteFlow vs. SuiteScript

SuiteFlow helps automate business processes. Consider performing the following actions with SuiteFlow:

  • Basic field defaulting. Creating basic field defaulting in SuiteFlow helps users with the Administrator role make edits in the future.

  • Complex approval processing

  • Approval reminder email messages

  • Lead nurturing (or drip marketing)

  • Automation based on changes to related records

  • Using existing saved searches to process the search data

The following functions are available only in SuiteScript:

  • Create custom server requests from the browser

  • Redirect user to a Suitelet

  • Update related records.

  • Copy, print, delete, and attach records

  • Create dynamic searches, add filters or results to the search

  • Perform web service calls

  • Create scripted portlets

  • Build new applications

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