Oracle EPM Connector Version Notes

This help topic describes the recent changes to the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp.

Version 2024.1.01

April 24, 2024

This version of the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp:

  • Enhances configuration of SFTP connections by providing the following additional authentication methods:

    • SSH Private Key

    • API Secret

    For information, see Configuring External Connections.

  • Releases bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 2024.1

March 6, 2024

This version of the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp introduces the following new features and enhancements:

  • After installing the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp, the NetSuite EPM tab appears in your NetSuite account. This tab will include navigation menus for SuiteApps installed for NetSuite Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in your NetSuite account.

  • The NSEPM Implementer role can be assigned to NetSuite users who need to set up the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp. For information about the NSEPM Implementer role and the availability of Oracle EPM Connector features based on the assigned role, see Role Permissions for Oracle EPM Connector.

  • You can view the history of incrementally loaded saved search data, and roll back to a previously executed saved search data load. See Resetting the Search Request Load.

  • You can use NetSuite to configure a connection to an external SFTP server, and then upload data from the SFTP server to your Oracle EPM Cloud application. See Configuring External Connections.

  • All NetSuite Help Center topics for the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp are now available under NetSuite Enterprise Performance Management. The help topics were previously found at SuiteApps > NetSuite Account Reconciliation.

Version 2023.1.02

October 25, 2023

Starting from this release, all Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud products can use NetSuite searches the IDs of which begin with prefixes you place on an allowlist. Previously, only the Planning and Budgeting and Account Reconciliation products could use NetSuite searches.

To take advantage of this enhancement, select the All Oracle EPM Products option from the Oracle EPM Product list, as described in the help topic Data Source Allowlist.

Version 2023.1.01

May 24, 2023


To install the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp after this release, you first need to install EPM Connector Foundation. For details, see Installing the EPM Connector Foundation SuiteApp.

Version 2023.1

April 10, 2023

The initial version of the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp has been released. This SuiteApp lets you:

  • View log details of searches called from Data Management, and download log files. See Search Activity Logs.

  • Create allowlists for searches that you want to use in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud. See Data Source Allowlist.

For information about installing and configuring the Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp, see Oracle EPM Connector Installation and Setup.

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