Configuring External Connections


The Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp currently supports only the SFTP connection.

The Oracle EPM Connector SuiteApp lets you upload data from an external SFTP server to your application in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud.

To enable the connection to the SFTP server, you need to configure the connection from NetSuite. The configured SFTP connection is used by a Fetch File job to upload the data from the SFTP server to the Oracle EPM Cloud application. For information about the Fetch File job, see Setting Up Fetch File Job Type Parameters.

To configure a connection to an SFTP server from NetSuite:

  1. In NetSuite, go to NetSuite EPM > EPM Connector > External Connections.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To create a new connection, click Add Connection.

    • To edit an existing connection, click Edit next to a connection of your choice.

  3. On the External Connection page, define or update the following field values:

    NetSuite Field


    Connection Name

    A unique name for the connection in NetSuite.

    Connection Description

    A description to help you identify this connection in NetSuite.


    The hostname of the server you are connecting to.


    The port of the SFTP server. The port must be provided by the SFTP owner.

    Host Key Type

    The private key that should be used to communicate with the external SFTP server. The available options include the following:

    • DSA

    • ECDSA

    • RSA

    Host Key

    The host key of the SFTP server. The host key must be provided by the SFTP owner. You can crosscheck the host key by using the following command in power shell for Windows and in terminal for Mac operating systems:

    ssh-keyscan -t <host key type> -p <port number> <URL>

    For more information, see Retrieving the Host Key of an External SFTP Server.


    An authenticated user name.

    Authentication Method

    Select any of the following authentication methods:

    • Password – If selected, the Password field appears where you can enter an authenticated password.


      If the password expires or is changed on the SFTP server, you need to update this field.

    • SSH Private Key – If selected, the SSH Private Key field appears from which you can select a previously saved SSH key. For information about saving an SSH private key in NetSuite, see Uploading Private SSH Keys.

    • API Secret – If selected, the API Secret field appears where you can enter a previously created API. For information about creating API secrets in NetSuite, see Creating Secrets.

  4. To test your configured values, click Validate Before Saving. If necessary, resolve any errors identified by this configuration verification.

  5. Click Save.

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