Search Activity Logs

Oracle EPM Connector lets you use NetSuite to view log details of searches called from Data Management.

To view the log details, go to NetSuite EPM > EPM Connector > Search Activity Logs. If NetSuite displays a large number of logs, you can narrow the list by selecting one or more of the following:

The default option All lists all data.

To find specific data in the list, you can sort each column in the displayed list of searches by the following characteristics:

The Download link is displayed in the Output File column for successfully executed searches. Clicking the link downloads the CSV file that was sent to Data Management when the particular search was executed from NetSuite or from Data Management. You can open the file and view the data that was sent in this file to Data Management.


The generated CSV file does not contain records created less than five minutes before search execution. Please make sure your data load job is run at least five minutes after you created new records in NetSuite.

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