Password Expiration Notifications

Your NetSuite password will expire. The length of time that a password remains valid depends on the password requirements configured by your account administrator. You can view the date and time your password will expire in the My Login Audit portlet on your Home page.

My login audit portlet

After changing your password, refresh the portlet to see the new password expiry date.

You will receive advance notice of the date that your password will expire. This notice helps to eliminate uncertainty and problems associated with having to change your password at an inconvenient time. The first notice is sent 14 days before your password expiration date. As soon as you update your password, the notices stop. If you do not change your password, the next notice arrives seven days before your password expires. If necessary, you will receive an additional notice each day for the final three days before your password expires.

The password expiration notification includes a link to let you change your password. A table lists the Company ID, Company Name, Days to expiration, and account type helps you to identify the role and the account where your password is expiring.

You can also use the Change Password link in the Settings portlet to change your password. For more information, see:

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