Web Site Language Preferences

Use the Languages subtab to allow customers to view your site in different languages. Before setting language preferences, you must select the languages available on your site, and add translations for item record information. For more information, see Setting Up a Site for Multiple Languages.

To select the languages available for your web site:

  1. Go to Commerce > Websites > Website List.

  2. Click Edit next to a website.

  3. Use the Language subtab to set up languages for your site.

    • In Site Builder, click the Appearance subtab to access the Language subtab.

    • In SuiteCommerce Advanced, click the Shopping subtab to access the Language subtab.

  4. In the Online column, check the box next to the languages that should be available on your web site.

    The language you mark as Default will be the language in which all content displays when visitors first arrive on your site. The other languages you mark as online are available for site visitors to select from a list in the language selector portlet displayed on your site. When visitors select a language option, all the content on your site displays in the language selected.

  5. Click Save.

Your text is translated using the translations you enter on item, category and tab records. You can also update a large number of records at Lists > Mass Updates > Bulk Update Translation.

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