Working with Statistical Journal Entries

Statistical journal entries are used with statistical accounts to make single-sided transactions by class, department, and location. Statistical journals do not need to be in balance. They appear as a positive, debit amount. You can, however, balance statistical journals against a statistical balancing dummy account, if you feel it is necessary.

NetSuite provides two methods through which you can enter statistical journals into your system. You can manually make statistical journals, and you can create a saved search run by a statistical schedule to autogenerate statistical journals. For more information, see Auto-Generating Statistical Journal Entries.

Users who manually make statistical journals can also record an absolute balance for multiple statistical accounts in lieu of tracking detailed changes. This is valuable for those users who capture periodic reports on statistical non-monetary data and want to update the balance of multiple statistical accounts at the same time. For example, you receive a monthly report from your Operations Department that provides the square footage of office space used by each department in your organization. Rather than track the periodic differences in used office space across departments, you enter the absolute value for each statistical account, which overwrites all previous values. The absolute values are then available to you through reporting. If you have enabled the Dynamic Allocation feature, you can use absolute values in dynamic allocation schedules.

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