Smart Count Dashboard

The Smart Count Dashboard provides an overall view of the inventory count activity performed in a location. The dashboard includes reminders, count summaries, count variance charts, and reports for analysis and effective inventory management.

If you are an Administrator, you can view the dashboard of all the subsidiaries in your account. The Smart Count Inventory Manager roles also have access to the dashboard.

The following table lists the portlets available on the Smart Count dashboard.




This portlet contains the Location field that lists all the locations that the role has access to. All other portlets display data based on the selected location.


This portlet displays item counts pending approval, items due for count in the current day and last 30 days.

Approval Summary

This portlet displays a summary of approved, pending, rejected, and recounted items.

Smart Count Summary

This portlet provides an item count summary that includes the following:

  • Counted – Indicates the number of counted items.

  • Approved – Indicates the number of approved item counts.

  • Rejected – Indicates the number of rejected item counts.

  • Recount – Indicates the number of items in recount.

  • Due – Indicates the number of items due for count in the current day.

  • Delayed – Indicates the number of items due for count that exceeded the next count date.

  • Scheduled – Indicates the number of items scheduled for count for the current week.

  • Value Change – Indicates the total amount variance in the counted items.

  • Quantity Change – Indicates the total quantity variance in the counted items.

Average Count Variances by User

This portlet provides a graphical representation of average count variance. The graphs displays cycle count difference percent against the accuracy of the inventory counter in performing the count.

The following formulas are used:

Inventory Record Accuracy = Number of Correct Item Count Records / Number of Checked Item Count Records

Cycle Count Difference % = (Snapshot Quantity – Count Quantity) / Snapshot Quantity (Consolidated for all items)

Count Variance Analysis

This portlet provides a graphical representation of count variance analysis.

For every inventory counter, the graph displays the percentage of item count that is over the tolerance, within tolerance, and zero variance.

Count Variance by Location

This portlet displays a report on count variance by amount and quantity for every location.

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