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The Smart Count SuiteApp enables you to perform inventory counts in real-time, during business hours without having to stop your operations. When you start counting an item, the SuiteApp records the on-hand quantity of the item. The SuiteApp automatically notifies the counter (employee doing the count) for any on-hand changes during count, and suggests an appropriate action. You can also set a default action to handle items with on-hand changes during count.

You can perform inventory count for the following items:

The SuiteApp works together with the SCM Mobile SuiteApp to provide the framework, which enables inventory counting on your mobile device. Using the SuiteApp, you can perform directed count and spot count. In directed count, the counter counts items from a task list generated based on the saved search included in a count configuration record. In spot or nondirected count, the counter can pick any item for count.

The SuiteApp supports Bin, Units of Measure (UOM), and Inventory Status features for inventory counting. The SuiteApp also lets you review item counts and resolve differences in the counted quantity. After review, you can approve count, reject count, or mark items for recount.

The Smart Count SuiteApp provides a dashboard that displays item counts performed in each location and also includes default saved searches. For more information, see Smart Count Dashboard and Smart Count Saved Searches.

Smart Count Features

The Smart Count SuiteApp enables you to:

For information about installing the SuiteApp and prerequisites, see Installing the Smart Count SuiteApp and Prerequisites.

To understand how the Smart Count SuiteApp works, see Using the Smart Count SuiteApp.

In addition, watch the following video to learn about the Smart Count SuiteApp.

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