Promotions and Coupon Codes for SCIS

SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), supports the use of promotions or coupon codes. For example, a customer might bring a flyer to your store promoting a 10% savings on their purchase. The sales associate enters the coupon code from the flyer, and then the promotion is applied to the order subtotal.

With SCIS, you can use the following solutions for creating promotions:

In each case, an administrator must complete the following tasks before promotion codes can be used in SCIS:

  1. Configure promotion records in NetSuite.

  2. Use the SCIS Settings record to define the discounts associated with the promotions you plan to offer

For more information about the different options available for configuring promotions, read Promotions Overview.

To enable SuitePromotions capabilities, go to Setup > Enable Features. Click the Transactions subtab, and then check the boxes next to SuitePromotions, and Auto-Apply Promotions.

Coupon Codes and SCIS

Because the administrator enables features and configures records for SCIS, different types of promotions and coupon code eligibility may not be obvious to sales associates. Sales associates only add items to the order and enter coupon codes. The administrator is responsible for configuring promotion records with stackable and auto-apply capabilities, then training sales associates as needed.


A promotion can be used together with a discount on a line item, only if the Prices Include Tax preference is disabled on the item record. This preference is only available in NetSuite accounts (except US and Canada) that do not use the Advanced Taxes feature.

To learn more about configuring all types of promotions, read Creating Promotions.

Auto-Apply Free Gift Promotions

In SCIS the free gift item is added to the cart according to the way in which the Free Gift promotion is defined in NetSuite. To use free gift promotion capabilities in SCIS, an administrator must set up the promotion correctly. For setup information, read Creating Free Gift Promotions.

For example, you set up an auto-apply store promotion where customers receive a free t-shirt along with the purchase of a particular item. In SCIS, the sales associate puts the item associated with the free gift promotion in the cart. When the sales associate selects a payment option, a popup dialog is displayed enabling the sales associate to add the free t-shirt to the order. If the item associated with the free gift promotion is removed from the order, then SCIS prompts the sales associate to remove the t-shirt.


Matrix items are not supported as free gifts. Promotions for more than one free item are not supported.

To learn how sales associates apply different types of promotions to orders in SCIS, read Applying Promotion Codes to Transactions in SCIS.

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