Subscription Billing Import Type

Some of the records related to subscription billing can be imported as CSV data.

To import subscription billing records, verify the following settings:

For more information about setting up SuiteBilling and billing records, see SuiteBilling Overview and Viewing Records Related to the Billing Account.

To import subscription billing data, perform the CSV imports in the following order:


Record Type

Import Type


More Information


Subscription Plan


Subscription Plan Import


Price Plan


Price plans are only used one time, and the CSV import can only be used to modify existing price plans.


Price plan information is not available from the UI, so ensure that you record all information from this import for later use.

Price Plan Import


Price Book


A saved associated subscription plan and a price plan are mandatory for the price book import. Refer to the price plan using the external ID.

Price Book Import




Subscriptions reference existing subscription plans. The following fields are required:

  • Customer

  • Billing account

  • Subscription plan

  • Price book in the same currency that is used in the billing account.

Subscription Import


Subscription Line


This import can only be used to update existing lines in a subscription, usually to change the status from Draft to Pending Activation. New lines cannot be added using CSV import because all subscription lines are created with the subscription record and they reflect lines of the subscription plan.

Subscription Line Import


Subscription Change Order


Use this import as needed. The information imported varies, depending on the action specified, that is, activation, termination, reactivation, suspension, modify pricing, and renewal.

A subscription with at least one activated subscription line is required. To add a subscription change order, the subscription, billing account, and customer are required. The internal ID or external ID is required to update a subscription change order.

Subscription Change Order Import




Use this import as needed. To import subscription usage data, a subscription must exist for the customer. For more information, see Creating Subscription Plans.

View the video: Setting Up a Subscription Plan and Price Plan.

Usage Import

The Billing Account record type is also used for subscription billing. For more information, see Billing Account Import.

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