Installing the Effective Date Pricing SuiteApp

This topic tells you how to install the Effective Date Pricing SuiteApp.


Only administrators can install this SuiteApp.

To install the Effective Date Pricing SuiteApp:

  1. Go to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search and Install Bundles.

  2. On the Search and Install Bundles page, use the following information to search for the SuiteApp:

    • Bundle Name: Effective Date Pricing

    • Bundle ID: 222420

  3. Click the Effective Date Pricing name link to display its Bundle Details page.

    • To review the documentation for the SuiteApp, click the Documentation link.

    • The Overview subtab displays the abstract and description of the SuiteApp.

    • The Components subtab lists bundle objects, including their custom script IDs, referencing objects, and lock status.

    For more information, see Bundle Details.

  4. Click Install.

    During the installation, you can click Refresh to get the latest status.

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