Scheduling Automatic Price Updates

To automatically update prices, schedule the following four script deployments:


Do not create new script deployments.

For more information about scheduling script deployments, see the following topics:

You should use the Price Detail Update Search saved search in map/reduce script deployments. This is the saved search provided by the Effective Date Pricing SuiteApp to make sure that the correct price update records are processed.


Using a different saved search may result to the SuiteApp processing different price update records.

If you want to create a new saved search, see Defining a Saved Search. You can refer to the existing Price Detail Update Search for the preferred values.


When you execute map/reduce script deployments, your role is automatically set to Administrator. This value cannot be edited.

The scheduled script processes only the records that start or end on the day the script runs. Any unprocessed records from previous days remain unprocessed.

You should run each script daily at midnight in the Company Preference time zone.


Never schedule or run the EDP MR Item Price Update Starts Today script deployment. Also, never schedule the following script deployments:

  • EDP MR Customer Price Update Starts Today

  • EDP MR Item Category Price Update Starts Today

  • EDP MR Customer Group Price Update Starts Today

For more information about scheduling automatic price updates, see Time Zones.

Time Zones

When creating price updates, the system validates the dates based on the time zone set in the user preference. When applying these updates by running the scheduled script, the system follows the Company Preference time zone.

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