Sample Scenario

Consider Company ABC that is on a standard service tier with one SuiteCloud Plus license. User A is the designated concurrent web services user. The company makes 10 web services requests concurrently. User A uses request-level credentials to make web services requests. The company also has one RESTlet that is reached concurrently five times. For RESTlet requests, token-based authentication (TBA) is used. User B generates one web services request using request-level credentials. All of these requests occur in parallel.

The account-level concurrency limit of this customer is 15 (5+10). If they generate 5 RESTlet requests using TBA, 10 web services requests with request-level credentials from User A, and one web services request with request-level credentials from User B, an error will be thrown for one of the requests.

This error occurs when they generate one request over their account-level limit. The first 15 requests will succeed, and the 16th concurrent request will result in an error. The error can occur for any of the requests. If Company ABC does not want to use a dedicated concurrent web services user, they can re-implement their web services integrations to use TBA instead of request-level credentials. The company still needs the SuiteCloud Plus license to get support for 15 web services concurrent requests.

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