Account Concurrency Monitoring Resources

To find information about your account concurrency limits and concurrent usage, check the following resources.


When your account is moved to a new data center built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), usage logs will start to be collected on OCI only. After your account and your logs are moved to OCI, inaccurate values will be displayed about concurrency usage for a period of 30 days. The displayed values will not be calculated from data from the last 30 days, but from data that is stored since the date of the move. Consequently, the data about concurrency usage displayed in the Peak Concurrency, Rejected Requests, Total Requests, and Rejected Requests Ratio fields at Setup > Integration > Integration Management > Integration Governance can be inaccurate. Similarly, the APM web services performance dashboard can contain inaccurate data. After 30 days, the correct concurrency usage data will be shown again. For more information about account moves to OCI, see Account Move to OCI FAQ.


For information about viewing rejected RESTlet requests, see Viewing a List of Script Execution Logs.

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