Application Performance Management (APM)


This topic applies to Application Performance Management (APM) version 2.0.0 and later versions available in the SuiteApp Marketplace.

Beginning on March 7, 2023, access to pages of APM SuiteApp versions installed from the Search & Install Bundles page will be removed. If you are using any of these versions, install the latest version of the APM SuiteApp from the SuiteApp Marketplace, then uninstall the version from the Search & Install Bundles page (Bundle ID: 67350).

For more information, see Differences Between APM from the SuiteApp Marketplace and from the SuiteBundler.

The Application Performance Management (APM) SuiteApp enables you to see and manage the performance of your NetSuite customizations and business critical operations.


Your performance logs are not moved with your NetSuite account to the new data center built on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). For the first 29 days after the move, the displayed values will be calculated using data stored since the date of the move, rather than from the last 30 days.

For more information about account moves to OCI, see Account Move to OCI FAQ.

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To know more about the tools available in the SuiteApp, see Using the Application Performance Management Tools.

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