Application Performance Management (APM)


This topic applies to Application Performance Management (APM) version 2.0.0 and later versions available in the SuiteApp Marketplace. The APM SuiteApp installed from the Search & Install Bundles page is no longer being updated with the latest features. If you are using this version, consider installing APM from the Marketplace to get the latest releases. For more information, see Differences Between APM from the SuiteApp Marketplace and from the SuiteBundler.

The Application Performance Management (APM) SuiteApp enables you to see and manage the performance of your NetSuite customizations and business critical operations.

To know more about the SuiteApp, see the following help topics:

To set up the SuiteApp, see the following help topics:

To know more about where to start with the SuiteApp, see Getting Started with Application Performance Management.

To know more about the tools available in the SuiteApp, see Using the Application Performance Management Tools.

To export data from the SuiteApp, see Exporting Data from Application Performance Management.

To view answers to frequent queries about the SuiteApp, see Frequently Asked Questions: Application Performance Management.

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