Uninstalling SuiteApps Obtained from the SuiteApp Marketplace

SuiteApps can be uninstalled when they are no longer needed. To uninstall a SuiteApp, you must be logged into the account in which the SuiteApp is installed.

To uninstall a SuiteApp:

  1. Go to Customization > SuiteCloud Development > Installed SuiteApp List.

  2. From the Installed SuiteApps list, identify the SuiteApp you intend to uninstall.

  3. For the desired SuiteApp, select Uninstall from its action menu. The uninstallation process begins.

    Uninstallation of a SuiteApp may take some time. To view the status, see Viewing SuiteApp Installation or Uninstallation Status.

    When the uninstallation completes, the SuiteApp is removed from the Installed SuiteApps list.

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