Upgrading from the SuiteApp Marketplace

You can upgrade the SuiteApps that have been installed to your account when a new SuiteApp version is available. You can upgrade only the SuiteApps that are both shared to your account and support your NetSuite account version. Upgrading a SuiteApp can provide you with new customizations and configuration settings that are useful to your organization.


For managed SuiteApps, upgrades are managed by the publisher or solution provider at any time. Upgrades are pushed out automatically and you cannot manually initiate the upgrade. The Upgrade action is not available for managed SuiteApps.

To upgrade a SuiteApp from the SuiteApp Marketplace:

  1. Go to SuiteApps.

  2. From the listed SuiteApps, identify the SuiteApp that you intend to upgrade, and click the SuiteApp tile. The SuiteApp details page appears.

    For information about the SuiteApp details page, see Viewing SuiteApps in the SuiteApp Marketplace.

  3. Navigate to the top right area of the SuiteApp details page and click one of the following actions:

    • Upgrade (for SDF SuiteApps)

    • View SuiteApp (for SuiteApp Bundles)

    Note that you may encounter a choice of SuiteApp versions under the following conditions:

    • There are two released versions of the SuiteApp and both SuiteApp versions support your current NetSuite version.

    • Both available versions are newer than the current SuiteApp version you have installed.

    The upgrade installation process begins.

    Installation of a SuiteApp may take some time.

    To view the installation status, see Viewing SuiteApp Installation or Uninstallation Status.


    Although SuiteApp bundles are listed in the SuiteApp Marketplace, you must upgrade them from the Bundle Details page. When viewing a SuiteApp bundle on the SuiteApp details page, click View SuiteApp to view and upgrade it from the Bundle Details page. For more information, see Installing a Bundle.

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