NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following enhancements to authentication features:

End of Support for SMS/Voice Call for 2FA

On March 1, 2024, support will end for two-factor authentication (2FA) by SMS/Voice Call. When this support ends, it will no longer be possible to log in to NetSuite with a role that uses SMS/voice call for 2FA.

Before this planned end of support, users who are using 2FA by SMS/voice call must reset their NetSuite 2FA settings to use an authenticator app.

You can reset your 2FA settings from the Settings portlet. For more information, see Reset Your 2FA Settings. For more information about setting up an authenticator app, see Logging In Using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Outbound Single Sign-on (SuiteSignOn) End of Support Targeted for NetSuite 2024.2

As of NetSuite 2024.1, the Outbound Single Sign-on (SuiteSignOn) feature will no longer be supported in non-production accounts, such as sandbox accounts. As of NetSuite 2024.2, this feature will no longer be supported in production accounts.

Multiple test windows will be scheduled, and more proactive feature change notifications will be sent to prepare you for this change before the release of NetSuite 2024.2.

As an alternative to SuiteSignOn, you can use the NetSuite as OIDC Provider feature. For more information, see NetSuite as OIDC Provider.

General Notices