Account Setup and Maintenance

This release note was updated April 22, 2024.

NetSuite 2024.1 includes the following enhancements to account setup and maintenance features:

New Text Enhance Preferences Page

View the Text Enhance New Feature Preview (Article available only in English).

Text Enhance is a new feature in NetSuite that uses generative AI to assist you with writing business content. It can help you create and refine content, as well as make your content the right length for your needs. To learn more about this feature, see Text Enhance.

Text Enhance is:

  • enabled by default

  • available for accounts located in the United States and Canada

  • available for assisting with English language content only

  • available to all SuitePeople, SuiteCommerce, and Inventory customers

  • available to any user with access to a page where Text Enhance is available (not permission controlled)

The Text Enhance Preferences page is where users with the Administrator role can disable and enable the feature. Administrators can also view the monthly Text Enhance usage for the account. To access the Text Enhance Preferences page, go to Setup > Company > AI > Text Enhance.

For more information, see the help topics Setting Text Enhance Preferences and Text Enhance.

Changes to Domain Keys Subtab in Email Preferences

The Domain Keys subtab of the Email Preference page has been renamed to Email Domains (DKIM). Many of the previously required setup steps are no longer necessary. Obsolete buttons have been removed from the subtab.

During setup, the NetSuite application will generate the information necessary for two CNAME records. Customers should use this information to add two CNAME records to DNS at their domain provider's website. Oracle NetSuite will transition to these two CNAME records to manage the activation and rotation of domain keys. Rotating the domain keys provides better security for your email domains.


When adding the new CNAME records to DNS at your domain provider's website, do not delete the existing TXT record for your email domain.

For more information, see DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Procedures to Set Up DKIM in Your Production Account.

New WMS Limited Access Role

If you have the WMS Limited Access role, you can assign and use it for the NetSuite WMS mobile app. Use this role to complete inbound, inventory, and outbound processing tasks through the mobile app. You can customize it to remove permissions for certain tasks. If you use NetSuite Ship Central or Smart Count, you can edit permissions for these mobile apps too. For more information, see WMS Limited Access Role.

Changes to the Web Site Hosting Files Always Available preference

Before April 16, 2024, the Web Site Hosting Files Always Available preference affected how files stored both in the Web Site Hosting Files and SuiteBundles folders were accessible for all URLs listed on the file record.

As of April 16, 2024, the Web Site Hosting Files Always Available preference affects only the Web Site Hosting Files folder. The SuiteBundles folder is now managed by the SuiteBundle Files Always Available preference. These preferences are enabled by default. For more information, see Making Web Site Hosting Files Always Available.

General Notices