Processing Labor Expense Allocation Periods

After you have the timesheets and labor expense allocation periods entered, process the timesheets.

On the Labor Expense Allocation Periods List page, process all employee timesheets associated with your labor expense allocation periods.

When you process timesheets using the SuiteApp, the Process Timesheets page opens. The page displays a list of generated employee timesheets in NetSuite and CSV imported timesheets in separate subtabs. Each subtab contains the following sublists:

Only timesheets having custom segments that are selected in the Labor Expense Allocation Preferences page are listed and processed.

For timesheets processed using the Employee Pay Transactions preference, the SuiteApp calculates expense allocation for each employee using the following formula:

Amount = Time in Hours in Timesheet × Amount in Employee Pay Transaction ÷ Total Hours of Employee

Processing a Timesheet

The following procedure is for processing a timesheet using the Labor Expense Allocation SuiteApp.

To process a timesheet:

  1. Open the Labor Expense Allocation Period List page:

    • If you are using Employee Pay Transactions, go to Expense Management > Allocate Using Employee Pay Transactions > Manage Labor Expense Allocation Periods.

    • If you are using Employee Rates, go to Expense Management > Allocate Using Employee Rates > Manage Labor Expense Allocation Periods.

  2. In the All Timesheets column, click Process on the labor expense allocation period you want to process.

  3. On the Process Timesheets page, make sure there are available timesheets for processing under the To be processed sublist, and then click the Process button.

  4. Click Track Status.

  5. On the Process Employee Timesheet Status List page, if the Status column displays In Progress, keep refreshing the page until the status changes to either Completed or Failed.

Viewing Timesheet Processing Errors

On the Process Employee Timesheet Status List page, if the timesheet process status appears as Failed, the Error column displays the failure reason. If the timesheets contain errors, the Error File column displays a link to a downloadable CSV file where you can view the error details. 

In the Error File column, click Download to download the file containing the error details. Fix the errors as needed, and then try processing your timesheet again.

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