SuiteCommerce Product Reviews

The SuiteCommerce Product Reviews feature lets shoppers review and rate items on your website, and they can view ratings and reviews submitted by other shoppers. These ratings and reviews are displayed next to items on your website. Content from product reviews uses microdata markup so search engines can display review information for items in search results.

Getting Started

To use the Product Reviews feature, first install the Reference Product Review Records SuiteApp. See Install Your Commerce Website Applications for information about how to install this SuiteApp. The Reference Product Review Records SuiteApp contains all the required custom records, lists, and fields needed to store and manage product reviews. These custom records can be modified as needed.

The following records are added after the SuiteApp is installed:

You can find these records in NetSuite by going to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types.


Before you begin working with Product Reviews, ensure that the following fields are included in your field set definitions.

Field Name

Field ID

Product Reviews Rating by Rate (Custom)


Product Reviews Rating (Custom)


Product Reviews Attribute Rating (Custom)


Product Reviews Count (Custom)


Product Reviews Attributes (Custom)


For more information about field sets, see Define Field Sets.

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