Recording a Reason for Deleting a Transaction

In some countries, it is a legal requirement to provide the reason why a transaction is deleted. The Use Deletion Reason feature satisfies this requirement because users must record the reason why they deleted a transaction.

How to Enable the Feature

To enable the feature, go to Setup > Company > Enable Features. On the Company subtab in the ERP General section, check the Use Deletion Reason box, and then click Save.

Transaction Types Impacted by the Feature

The Use Deletion Reason feature impacts all of the transactions listed at Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers on the Transaction Numbers subtab. When you use this feature, users must provide a reason for deleting a transaction record. The Transaction Numbering Audit Log provides a list of the deleted transactions. It provides their transaction number, the date on which the transaction was deleted, and by whom. It also provides the reason the user deleted the transaction record and any related memo. For a list of transactions on the Transactions subtab, see Records and Transactions Available for Auto-Numbering. For information about the Transaction Numbering Audit Log, see Transaction Numbering Audit Log.

Deletion Reasons: Standard and Unique

The Use Deletion Reason feature includes two standard deletion reasons: Original Document Damaged and Other. If users choose the standard deletion reason Original Document Damaged, they do not have to include a memo. If users choose the standard deletion reason Other, they must include a memo. When you remove the reversal date on an original journal entry to delete a reversal journal entry, the deletion reason code is Other. The memo is Reversal date removed.

Users with the Administrator role or access to Accounting Lists can create and modify deletion reasons. These users can create, modify, inactivate, and choose display languages for a unique deletion reasons. Go to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists > New and click Transaction Deletion Reason. Complete the fields as required, and then save the record. For more information about accounting lists, see Setting Up Accounting Lists.


Transaction deletion reasons must be unique to avoid duplication, and cannot exceed 30 characters. The name is case sensitive. Therefore, the transaction deletion reason MY CODE is unique from the transaction deletion reason my code.

Account Changes Caused by Disabling the Feature

You can disable the feature at any time. Transactions to be deleted will no longer require a deletion reason, and deletion reasons will not be accessible from Accounting Lists. However, the Transaction Numbering Audit Log will maintain the deleted transactions and their associated data.


For more information about deleting transactions, see Voiding, Deleting, or Closing Transactions.

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