Transaction Numbering Audit Log

The Transaction Numbering Audit Log provides a complete list of every internal transaction number including the numbers that were assigned to standard and custom transactions that have been deleted or failed to be created. Transactions such as these include cash sales that fail due to problems with credit card processing. For more information about internal transaction numbers, see Auto-Generated Transaction Numbers.

Administrators and other users with the Lists type permission Access to transaction numbering audit log can view this audit log at Transactions > Management > Transaction Numbering Audit Log.

This audit log includes the transaction type, number, date and time the transaction number was assigned, and the creator of the transaction. The subsidiary and location for the transactions display if you base your auto-generated numbering on those criteria.

If a transaction is deleted, the date and time it was deleted and the person who deleted it are listed. If a transaction failed to be created, the reason displays in the Message column.

If the Use Deletion Reason feature is enabled in your account, the log also provides the reason a user deleted a transaction record, and any related memo. For more information about the feature, see Recording a Reason for Deleting a Transaction.

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