Auto-Generated Transaction Numbers

Auto-generated numbers for transaction records are internal, gapless numbers that cannot be overwritten and are generated when the record is saved. These internal numbers are generated for each standard and custom transaction type.

The Transaction Numbers subtab, formerly named Transactions subtab, at Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers is not visible by default. If you must configure transaction type options, you can display the Transaction Numbers subtab. Go to Setup > Company > General Preferences and check the Show Transaction Numbering Setup box.


If your account is new to NetSuite as of 2016.1, default prefixes are automatically assigned to each transaction type. The default prefix is the internal system name for the transaction type. For example, the default prefix for the Bill transaction type is VENDBILL. You can modify the default prefix to suit your unique requirements. You can also delete the default prefix.

Some of the configuration options specified on the former Transactions subtab now appear on the new Transaction Numbers subtab. This occurs for account-based and externally generated numbered transactions because these configuration options modified both document number and transaction number sequences. Account-based and externally generated transactions include the following:

Configuration options specified for transaction types other than account-based or externally generated numbers were copied to the Document Numbers subtab. You can reconfigure options on the Document Numbers subtab, as required.

If you do not have auto-generated numbering set up in your account, document type numbers are configured for the beginning number, which is set to 1.

By default, internal transaction numbers do not display on transaction type records or standard reports, but you can customize any transaction type record to display this number. To display internal transaction numbers on transaction records, go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms. Locate the transaction type to be customized and then click Customize next to the transaction name. Click the Screen Fields subtab. In the Label column, locate Transaction Number, check the Show box and then save the record. For information about customizing transaction forms, see Custom Forms.

Internal transaction numbers are searchable when the number is hidden or visible on the user interface.

Successful CSV transaction imports are numbered according to the internal transaction numbering sequence at the time of the import.

Copied transactions are numbered according to the internal transaction numbering sequence at the time of the import.


In the former Transactions subtab, NetSuite permitted overwriting the internal number of transaction records where the Allow Override option was enabled for the transaction type. In these historical transactions, there may be duplicate internal numbering. In the new Transaction Numbers subtab, NetSuite prohibits overwriting transaction type numbering sequences, instead permitting the overwriting of document numbers. NetSuite does not renumber historical internal transaction numbers.

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