Set Auto-Generated Numbers

The Set Up Auto-Generated Numbers page enables users with the Administrator role to choose the record types that should be automatically numbered in the order in which they are created. On this page you can also add prefixes and suffixes to auto-generated numbers. Prefixes and suffixes are useful in determining a record, transaction, or document’s type and estimated age at a glance.

For example, you may choose to enable auto-generated numbering for the customer record type in your account and prefix the number with CUST. Each time you add a new customer record, the record number increases sequentially by one. When you view your customer list, you can quickly see that CUST0025 is a newer customer than CUST0004.

When you set a record type to have auto-generated numbers, the number replaces the name that was stored in the Company Name field. Record numbers cannot be reverted back to names after auto-generated numbering has been enabled and the records have been updated.


Auto-generated numbers are always enabled for transaction record types and document types.


Internal IDs are assigned to records to assist with parallel processing. This means that an internal ID assigned to a new record can be significantly higher in value than the second highest number.

Internal IDs do not indicate when a record was created even though assignment of internal IDs to new records is sequential.


To work with auto-generated numbers, you need a View level of the Auto-Generated Numbers permission.

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