Configuring Company Information

The Company Information page is where users with the Administrator role, or with the Set Up Company permission, can enter basic identifying information for an account. See the following topics for more information:

Setting up company information requires View permission, and changes made to company information are captured in system notes. For more information, see Searching System Notes.


If you plan to set up a OneWorld account with multiple subsidiaries, the data that you enter on the Company Information page provide the values that NetSuite uses to create your root (top-level) subsidiary. After defining your root subsidiary, you can create additional child subsidiaries at lower levels in an organizational hierarchy. For more information about configuring subsidiaries, see Set up NetSuite OneWorld.


You can add custom fields and user event scripts to the Company record in both single instance and OneWorld accounts. Customizing the company record enables you to add fields and business logic that are specific to the country or region in which your business operates. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Other Custom Fields. In single instance accounts, select Company as the Record Type. In OneWorld accounts, select Subsidiary as the Record Type. Complete the fields as required and then save the custom field. For more information, see Creating a Custom Field.

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