Searching System Notes


Unless identified as System Notes v2, this topic applies to System Notes only. For information about searching System Notes v2, see Searching and Filtering System Notes v2.

Each system note record stores details about a specific change made to a NetSuite record.

NetSuite provides a system note search that you can use to retrieve system notes data. To use this search, go to Reports > New Search and click System Note.

System notes fields also are available to be used as filters and displayed as results for other record types' advanced and saved searches, including the following: contact, customer, employee, issue, item, project, opportunity, partner, transaction, and vendor.

Searching System Notes v2

For information about searching in System Notes v2, see Viewing System Notes v2 and Searching and Filtering System Notes v2.

System Notes and Deleted Records

System Notes for Changes to Configuration and Setup Pages

System notes log changes made to enabled features, company information, and account-level preferences.

The following configuration and setup page changes are captured in system notes:

Account administrators can use searches to find system notes that were generated on configuration and setup pages. For example, you can create a saved search that shows system notes on features that were enabled.

You can also filter the search results based on record type.

Other Methods for Viewing System Notes

NetSuite provides a variety of other methods that you can use to retrieve system notes for particular record types.

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