Searching for Deleted Records

For some records, when the record is deleted, NetSuite retains some general data about it. The information in this topic applies to records that use System Notes only.


The information in this topic applies only to records that use System Notes. System Notes v2 retains all information for deleted transactions and records. For more information, see System Notes v2 Overview.

There are two types of records that support deletion tracking. Each type uses a different data source, and the approach you use to search for the records is different depending on the type. For more information about data sources, see The Analytics Data Source and SuiteAnalytics Workbook.

The following table lists the records of each type that support deletion tracking. NetSuite creates a deletion log for deletion instances of these records. The log provides basic information about the deleted record. The information is searchable.

Old Data Source Records

New Analytics Data Source Records


inventory cost template

billing class

generic resource

accounting book

inventory number



accounting period

inventory status

charge run

manufacturing operation task

amortization schedule

item account mapping

customer subsidiary relationship

other campaign event

billing revenue event type

item collection

custom field

price book

billing schedule

item demand plan

custom list

pricing group

bill of distribution

item supply plan

custom record type

quantity pricing schedule

bill of materials


default campaign event

subscription line revision

bill of materials revision

manufacturing cost template

direct mail campaign event

transaction address mapping


manufacturing routing

drip campaign event

transaction line address mapping

charge rule

merchandising hierarchy level

email campaign event


charge type

merchandising hierarchy node

expense category

vendor category


merchandising hierarchy version



cost category

order allocation strategy

coupon code

payroll item


price plan

custom segment

revenue element



distribution network


employee status

subscription change order

employee type

subscription online



fulfilment exception reasons


global account mapping

user notes

global inventory relationship


inbound shipment

Querying a Dataset or Workbook for Deleted Records

The Deleted Records record type is available in Analytics for administrators who want to track deleted records. Datasets can include the Deleted Records as the root record and you can create a dataset or workbook to track deleted records. For more information, see Defining a Dataset and Creating a Workbook.

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