The Analytics Data Source and SuiteAnalytics Workbook

For every NetSuite account, all data is stored using a single database. The data sources used to expose this data through Saved Searches and Reports however, are slightly unique. For some record types, these unique data sources have resulted in inconsistent field naming and data exposure between the two tools.

In SuiteAnalytics Workbook, fields and record types are exposed using a new analytics data source that is designed to display consistent data across the Workbook application. Fields created in support of new NetSuite features are exposed to Workbook using the analytics data source, as of 2019.1.

The location, names, and IDs of some fields and record types might be different in the analytics data source. Additionally, some record types and fields have not been ported to the analytics data source. This includes fields that contain calculated values for certain record types. Consequently, you might need to use different record types and fields, or create new joins and custom formula fields to recreate your existing saved searches using Workbook.

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