Setting Up Transactions for NetSuite CRM+


The information in this section pertains only to users of the NetSuite CRM+ product. Users of other NetSuite products can refer to Accounting Preferences.

In NetSuite CRM+, users with the Administrator role can use the Set Up Transactions page to set preferences for processing their transactions.

To set up transactions:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Set Up Transactions.

  2. On the Set Up Transactions page, select the preferences you want to set up.

    See the sections below for descriptions of these preferences.

    (Preferences that appear vary depending on the features you have enabled.)

  3. Click Save.

Descriptions of each subtab on the Set Up Transactions page follow:

General Subtab

Reporting Subtab

Check the Include Shipping Costs in Sales and Forecast Reports to have shipping and handling costs includes in order totals for sales and forecasting reports.

Ordering/Shipping Subtab

Time & Expenses Subtab

Tax Subtab

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