Using System Alerts

A System Alert notifies administrators of problems NetSuite encounters when processing a transaction and advises how to correct the problem. Only users with the Administrator role have access to system alerts.

System alerts appear in the Reminders portlet on the Home tab after you have activated the reminder.

To activate the System Alerts reminder:

  1. Click Personalize Dashboard in the Settings portlet or Personalize in the top right corner of the Home page.

  2. In the Add Content panel, click or move the Reminders item.

  3. In the Reminders portlet, click Set Up.

  4. Check the NetSuite System Alerts to Acknowledge box.

  5. Click Save.

To view a system alert, click the reminder in the Reminders portlet on the Home page. System alerts also can be accessed at Setup > Company > System Alerts.

The AMT system alert notifies you that an automatic memorized transaction has failed to post because it does not have a location reference. AMT alerts appear as a system alert in the Reminders portlet of the Home page.

Viewing a system alert

See the following instructions to view a system alert and it’s details.

To view a system alert:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Company Management > System Alerts.

    The System Alerts page opens. The type, date, and name of each alert is shown.

    To also show system alerts that have been acknowledged, click the Show acknowledged alerts box.

  2. On the System Alerts page, click the name of the system alert in the Name column. The system alert record opens and shows these fields:

    • Type: the type of alert

    • Date/Time: the date and time of the alert

    • Name: the name of the alert

    • Acknowledged: if the alert has been acknowledged

    • Description: a description of the alert

    • User email: the user email address

    • Document: the document type and number

    • Resolution: the suggestion resolution for the error

  3. Read the resolution to determine what steps to take to correct the transaction error.

  4. Check the Acknowledged box to mark the alert acknowledged.

    After an alert is marked acknowledged, the related reminder no longer appears in the Reminders portlet.

  5. Click Save.

A list of system alert records can be accessed at Setup > Company > System Alerts.

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