Set Company Preferences

The General Preferences page is where users with the Administrator role, or with the Set Up Company permission, can set company preferences for how information is input and processed in NetSuite.

This page is available at Setup > Company > General Preferences. These preferences apply to all users in the account.

Some of the preferences available here also can be set at the subsidiary (OneWorld only), role, or individual user level. See NetSuite Preference Levels Overview. You can prohibit these types of overrides on the Overriding Preferences subtab of this page. See Overriding Company Preferences.

For information about the General Preferences page, see:


You can click Audit Trail in this page header to review a list of changes to general company preferences, including the users who made the changes, dates of the changes, and preference values before and after changes. This list includes preferences that have been reset through scripting. See Auditing Account Preferences.

Other company preferences pages are available from the Setup > Accounting, Setup > Sales, and Setup > Marketing menus.

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