SuiteApps Documentation Summary

SuiteApps are applications that extend NetSuite functionality beyond what is available natively in the product. SuiteApps are developed on the SuiteCloud platform, packaged using SuiteBundler, and delivered as a bundle or a collection of bundles. See the following for more information about SuiteApps:

NetSuite SuiteApps

Some SuiteApps are built, distributed, and supported by NetSuite. These are usually features that can benefit from more frequent release cycles. For a list of currently supported NetSuite SuiteApps, see NetSuite SuiteApps.

Third Party SuiteApps

For information about SuiteApps developed and supported by third parties, see On, you can search partner SuiteApps by industry, business need, or keyword. In addition, you can read customer reviews, try out solutions, and find out where to buy these SuiteApps.

Installing SuiteApps

If you are the administrator of a NetSuite account or you have the SuiteApp Marketplace permission, you can install any public bundle, as well as any bundle that has been shared with your account. See SuiteApp Installation and Update.

Building SuiteApps

The SuiteBundler feature supports the creation and distribution of SuiteApps. The Bundle Builder is an assistant that steps you through the process of packaging customizations into bundles. See SuiteBundler.


SuiteBundler is still supported, but it will not be updated with any new features.

To take advantage of new features for packaging and distributing customizations, you can use SuiteCloud Development (SDF) features instead of SuiteBundler.

SuiteCloud Development Framework is a development framework that you can use to create SuiteApps from an integrated development environment (IDE) on your local computer. For more information, see SuiteCloud Development Framework Overview.

SuiteCloud Developer Network

If you are interested in creating SuiteApps for distribution and sale, NetSuite recommends that you join the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN), the NetSuite third-party developer program. For information about this program, see Developers Overview.

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