Using the Help Center Window

The help center includes many features to help you find the information you need to work with NetSuite. To access the help center, click Help on the header. This page opens in a new tab. You must be logged in to NetSuite to open the help center.

Help Center


To search for help topics for the pages and features of NetSuite, type a keyword or phrase in the Search field of the Help window, and press Enter. Here are some tips:

Help Center Search field

You can also search for help topics using the Global Search field in NetSuite. Type help: before keywords, and press Enter to open the Help Center with your search results.

For more information, see Searching for Help.

Language Preference

If your account has the multi-language feature enabled, you can set your preference for the language displayed in the NetSuite Help Center using the dropdown list at the top right corner of the page. This language preference is independent of the language preference you specify for the NetSuite user interface. You can switch back and forth between languages in the Help Center, if desired. The next time you open the Help Center, it opens in the language of the preference last set.

An example of the language options in the Help Center.

The following languages are available:


You can also set the language of the Help Center using the Set Preferences link. See Setting Personal Preferences, specifically, the entry for Language of the Help Center in the User Profile section.


Click the home icon Home icon on the toolbar to return to the Help Center home page. A home icon also appears at the top of each help topic.


Click SuiteAnswers to go to the SuiteAnswers site. This page opens in a new tab. SuiteAnswers is a searchable repository of support solutions, best practices, training videos, and help topics.

SuiteAnswers tab in the Help Center.


Click Developers to view a list of resources for SuiteCloud and Commerce developers.

Developers tab in the Help Center.


Click Videos to view a list of help videos that demonstrate how to perform specific tasks in NetSuite. When you click a link, you are redirected to the Oracle Learning Library to view the video.

Videos tab in the Help Center.


Click Training to go to the SuiteTraining site. This page opens in a new tab. It includes complete information about the courses and certification programs that are offered.

Training tab in the Help Center.


Click SuiteApps to open a list of current SuiteApps. This page includes a link to where you can get information about SuiteApps developed by SDN Partners and other third parties.

SuiteApps tab in the Help Center.

User Guides

Click User Guides to open a list of available PDF files. These User Guides provide conceptual details and setup information for specific areas of NetSuite. Click the PDF icon beside the desired User Guide to launch the PDF in a new window.

User Guides tab in the Help Center.

New Release

Click New Release to open a page with links to Sneak Peeks, Release Notes, and other important information for the newest release of NetSuite.

New Release tab in the Help Center.

Table of Contents

Click the arrows Show/Hide icons at the top of the divider to hide or show the Table of Contents.

Click the Show in Table of Contents icon Show in Table od Content icon in the page header to find the current topic in the Table of Contents. Seeing a topic within the organization of the Table of Contents can help you find related topics or begin to understand where you are in a process or a feature.

Print Icon

Click Print icon Print icon in the page header to print the current help topic. Or, you can right-click and use the browser’s Print function.

Browser Back Button

Use your browser's Back button to revisit topics you have recently viewed in the Help Center. You can also right-click with your mouse and select Back in the menu to view previous topics.

By default in Chrome the browser controls, including the Back button, are hidden when the help window opens. To display the controls in Chrome, right-click the browser title bar and select Show as tab from the context menu.

Submit Feedback for Help and Search

When you view or search for help topics, you can submit feedback about the helpfulness of the topic content or search results.

Feedback field on a help topic.

Help Topic Navigation

Help topics often provide navigation steps to help you locate pages in your NetSuite account. In most cases this navigation provides the tab, heading, and link that are specific to the role you are logged in with.

Consequently, you may see different navigation for the same help topic if you use more than one role.

For example, Krista Barton is a sales rep who is assigned the standard Sales Rep role. When Krista reads a help topic about creating a customer record, she is directed to Customers > Relationships > Customers. If Krista was logged in with the Marketing Assistant role, the help topic would direct her to Leads > Relationships > Customers.

Sometimes, help topics may refer to pages in NetSuite that you do not have access to or to features that have not been enabled in your account. In these cases, the navigation steps are shown as if you were logged in as an account administrator.

For example, Krista is logged in with her Sales Rep role and wants to read about how marketing campaigns work in NetSuite. When reading a help topic on the creation of marketing campaigns, the navigation directs her to Lists > Marketing > Campaigns. This is the navigation she would see if she was logged in as an account administrator.

If you want access to a page in NetSuite you do not currently have permission to view, speak to your account administrator about assigning you a new role, customizing your existing role, or enabling features in your company's NetSuite account.

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