NetSuite Communities (User Groups)

Join a NetSuite community to communicate with other customers and Certified Consultants to ask questions and trade tips. As a member of a community, you can start your own discussions or respond to discussions initiated by other members. The communities are monitored by NetSuite Certified Consultants and Support Specialists to ensure that you are receiving the best advice possible.

Membership is available to general access users with current NetSuite accounts. Users with Center roles, such as Customer Center, Partner Center, and Vendor Center, are not eligible for membership. NetSuite communities are not available to users of Test Drive accounts.

To register for the NetSuite Community:

  1. See the Oracle NetSuite Community Registration FAQ.

  2. Follow the instructions on this page to join the Oracle NetSuite community.

After you register, you can go directly to the Oracle NetSuite community site at This site includes a banner at the top that links to tips for getting started with Oracle communities, as well as an introductory video. You also can access the user community by clicking the NetSuite User Group link on the Support tab of the NetSuite application.

Regional user groups provide other NetSuite community resources that are hosted and owned by third parties. You can find these by searching for ‘NetSuite user groups’ in your browser.

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